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You can either do a full install of the program which takes up about 4 GB of drive space, or just go for the option of installing the main files, this takes up around 200 MB of space and seems the best option; based on the assumption that you don't mind the DVD-ROM being in the drive all the time.

Loading times of files are improved if it installed on the hard drive, but not enough to warrant the large space used."The main new section that has been added to Encarta 2005 above all others is "Encarta Kids" and it is just that, for Kids.

The main area from which you search from is called "Find" once you click on this option via the menu (the first time you load Encarta it is already on the side for you), a bar appears on the left hand side of the layout, from here you can enter letters/words to find items you are looking for.

You can also search by type of information, this way you can filter out items and only choose a certain type such as an image or some video footage, something that is very useful and can be accessed via the "Advanced Search" feature at the bottom of the panel.

The dictionary contains over 31,000 synonyms and antonyms.

It's hard to say much more about the Encarta Dictionary each year, especially when there is little added to it, but overall it is a very useful tool, updated or not.

In the new 2005 addition to the Encarta series, Microsoft has once again made some steady improvements to the already excellent homework and researcher side of Encarta.

As usual there are some excellent pieces of information on how to write essays, poems, do research and more.

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The only side to Encarta that annoys me a bit each time is the quality of the videos, we're using the DVD version of Encarta yet the videos are far too blocky which is a disappointment, if it is to save space then ok maybe that's a good thing, but I would still prefer improved video and audio than anything else as things have moved on in the video areas far more than anywhere else in the last couple of years thanks to the onset of DVD.As previous users of Encarta will know, the reference library contains bucket loads of well written articles from entertainment to business.Each item that you click on is streamed directly off of the DVD, and when compared to some of the older versions of Encarta DVD, the articles load up quick every time; which include sound and video.Every article contains various additional bits and pieces such as photos, sounds, video footage, 360-Degree views, charts, and tours."Once again Encarta ships on a Single DVD, thankfully in an easy to store DVD box too, so you can dump the overly large cardboard box that contains the DVD box after you have installed it as it's a waste of space.You can either do a full install of the program which takes up about 4 Gigs of drive space, or just go for the option of installing the main files,"Next we have the "Update Encarta" option.

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