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SQLite is useful to get us going but you are likely to want to use Postgre SQL sooner or later, particularly if you plan to deploy your application on Heroku.mac OS already comes with Postgre SQL installed however, as with SQLite, it is an older version and reserved for system operations primarily so we don’t really want to mess about with it.With our new Ruby version installed, now let’s set it as the global version so we can make use of it in our terminal. Bundler manages an application’s dependencies, kind of like a grocery list of other libraries an application depends on to work, Ruby calls these Gems.If you’re just starting out with Ruby on Rails you will soon see just how important and helpful this gem is.Mac OS X doesn’t ship with gpg so before installing the public key, you’ll need to install gpg.I installed gpg with Homebrew: I've listed the mapis public key install command here for illustration.

However, as the install page notes, you might need gpg.

You should use the version on the RVM install page.

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You may not need multiple versions right now but as you work on more applications you don’t want to be uninstalling and installing Ruby versions each time to change project.

Lets get into the project directory so you don’t need to remember to change the version yourself, very handy!

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