Updating spreadsheets

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You can refresh the data connected to an external data source in an Excel workbook.

This data source can be a cell range, Excel table, Pivot Table report, Pivot Chart report, text file, or Web query.

This check box is under the Pivot Table Data section on the Data tab of the Pivot Table Options dialog box.

Stored passwords are not encrypted and are not recommended.

Imagine whenever it's time to update the data, one person has to go to each platform, export the raw data, then open the raw files one by one, copy the data into one single spreadsheet.

The task might be easy, but extremly time-consuming, and definitely not comfortable.

Each columns contain data from different sources and it is neccessary to cross-matching these data.For information about editing macros, see Visual Basic for Applications Help.Having your data stored and updated in a Google spreadsheet or excel file is extremely helpful in many cases.To change the recorded macro so that the query runs in the background, edit the macro in the Visual Basic Editor.Change the refresh method for the Query Table object from Background Query := False to Background Query := True.

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