Updating your web config to enable asp net ajax

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The ability to integrate partial page rendering is integrated into ASP. When you launch your website, you should see that partial rendering is now enabled, because when you click on the button there will be no flicker, nor will there be any change in the page scroll position (this example does not demonstrate that).

updating your web config to enable asp net ajax-30

As the screen capture indicates, values from every control within the Update Panel are delivered (in this case, they are all empty), as well as the View State field.Consider a form that, among other things, has a postal code textbox which is supposed to populate a city and state field on a form or control.This form ultimately collects membership information, including a user's name, address, and contact information.All told, over 9kb of data is sent, when in fact only five bytes of data were needed to make this particular request. The response portion of the Update Panel's update request is shown in the Firebug console display on the left; it is a specially-formulated pipe-delimited string that is broken up by the client script and then reassembled on the page. NET AJAX sets the property of the HTML element on the client that represents your Update Panel.The response is even more bloated: in total, 57kb is sent to the client, simply to update a text field and a drop-down field. As the browser re-generates the DOM, there is a slight delay, depending on the amount of information that needs to be processed.

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