Who did k michelle dating that beat her up Nude live web camera

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…You claiming you didn’t want to press charges, but they would of [sic] took that into there [sic] own hands by law.” In response to K.

Michelle’s comment, Memphitz himself backed up a fan who pointed out he took a lie detector test on “Marriage Boot Camp” proving he didn’t abuse K. Meanwhile, fans were still quick to chime in on Michelle’s comment on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sit down.” “@kmichellemusic you’re absolutely right, she made so many remarks and tried to belittle you and your situation and forgot that God sits high and looks low & THAT KARMA DOESNT MISS A BEAT 👌🏽 she did so much to you and allowed them to paint you out to be the bad guy BUT now that she is the one in the hot seat she has America believing she is this holy saint when she’s nothing but a damn crypt keeper look alike 🙄. #Next.” “@kmichellemusic hello 😩😩💯💯💯.” As for Rasheeda, she remains unbothered by K. The “Love and Hip Hop” veteran is busy sharing looks from her Atlanta based boutique Pressed and hanging out with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” pal Kandi Burruss.

#happy…” Funny it, wasn’t to long ago that DJ and producer Locksmith, was her #MCM, and now he’s #BAE.

Michelle is resuming her feud with Rasheeda Frost after calling her out over her husband’s Kirk Frost’s affairs.

Michelle has said time and time again that Memphitz, her ex boyfriend and Toya Wright’s current husband, put his hands on her.

You may remember, in a meeting with Rasheeda she kept saying, over and over again, ‘He beat my ass.’ She screamed it, tears streaming down her face.

And in 2012, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, she detailed the incident.

It was a tough time for the singer, since she suffered backlash for making the claims against him.

It’s sad that she’s doing this and FORGETS how she treated you.” “@kmichellemusic Girl ..

all the f—ery u was involved in when have u EVER apologized?

'' I just remember watching the comments on blogs about me.

They were like 'she's lying' and 'this is not true' and I was sitting there like, ' Oh my god, I'm fighting for you,'" K. "I'm fighting to tell the story, and they beat me up about that shit. I'm never gon' tell you what you went through at the hands of your abuser. Michelle goes on to say that women need to stop bashing each other and calling each other liars when stories of abuse emerge.

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